The surest way to protect your rental investment is to carefully screen your prospective residents. NCRPA’s screening services provide you with a comprehensive and easy-to-read credit report, unlawful detainer and background checks.

NCRPA takes tremendous pride in helping residential property owners and property managers “read between the lines” when evaluating applicants.

Our service are designed to provide precise and easy to read tenant screening reports that include a comprehensive credit check, eviction records, criminal background search and an automatic scoring system which saves time and enables you to make better informed credit decisions with accurate, timely, and complete information about the applicant.

There is no out-of-pocket expense to our members for our tenant screening services. Are fees are kept well below the consumer price index which enables the member to charge their perspective tenants up front for the entire cost of the screening.

Avoid costly, time-consuming and frustrating evictions by using your membership benefits to help qualify your prospective residents. The single most important factor in your selection process is the accuracy of the data you rely upon to make your decisions. We provide you instant access to inexpensive reports while complying with every legal requirement.

Credit information is current and is obtained from primary sources, no archives or indexes.

NCRPA a low-cost provider and our extensive product line is competitively priced.

Call NCRPA for price checks.

Reports can be obtained by telephone, fax, and mail.

How Much Can be Charged for Screening?

California Civil Code § 1950.6. is the law which governs fees for rental applications and background checks and specifies what landlords must do when accepting these fees.

Landlords are limited as to how much they can charge for these checks. These fees are updated each year by the Consumer Price Index or CPI.  California landlords and other real estate professionals like property management firms cannot charge more than $50.94 in 2019.  This amount will in all likelihood increase each year with increases in the cost of living.

Average costs of application fees usually run between about $30 to $50.  Better to charge a little below top price to avoid any potential charges you were profiting off them.

This fee must cover the “Actual out-of-pocket costs” of obtaining the credit report, plus “the reasonable value of time spent” by the landlord checking references and background information on the prospective tenant.

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